Rose Sweater Ltd. | Sweater Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Bangladesh was known to world as a prosperous region and its creation of dazzling muslin yet vivid in the minds of art loving folks. Sweaters manufacture has paved its path into the global market with supremacy. The engineered quality product of Sweaters manufacture attracted all the fashion loving stylish people across the globe. Our creative excellence is yet once pacing up with the global changing tastes. This scenario is extending us as a worthy market leader with many belligerent competitors.

The prospect from globalization and liberalization has been some what offset and wavering due to the global economic downturn. Our world apparel market has proven differently and progressing likewise to reveal a positive growth. I believe such a trend has only been possible due to the visionary initiative taken by us from its inception as a target to expand its growing markets, explore opportunity and recently the completed successful mission to abroad that endured the growing market will bring about a conscience presence of experience for all our regular visitors and buyers from new markets.

Probir Kumar Saha (Biddut)

Bangladesh is now one of the world's largest exporters of ready-made garments. It is the leading sector of Bangladesh in terms of employment, production, and foreign exchange earning. Sweaters manufacture plays a phenomenal role in improving country's economy through their activities. Our excellent quality product of Sweaters manufacture has been successful in exploring the opportunities in markets away from EU and US having a significant growth of exports to new markets.

The ready made garment industry has earned Bangladesh the international recognition. Maintaining export growth during the recession period has proved our resilience. I believe that by working relentlessly we can retain our competitive edge in the global apparel between manufactures and international buyers, the significance of such exposure is vital for promotion of ready made garment sector no doubt.

Md. Abdul Matin Khan (khokon)
Managing Director